Exhaust Systems

We keep the two biggest safety systems in your vehicle working: the brakes and the exhaust system.

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems | Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc - Asheville, NC

Vehicle exhaust systems are one more thing most drivers take for granted. While they operate silently (that is, when the muffler is working) and go unnoticed, they perform a critical safety function as dangerous engine exhaust fumes are funneled outside the car and away from the vehicle occupants. While some may consider exhaust systems simple—a muffler and tailpipe—they are in fact somewhat complex, starting right behind the engine and including manifolds, gaskets and pipes.

Because they perform such a vital safety function, exhaust systems merit a regular safety inspection to ensure proper operation. In the Asheville, NC area, there is no one more qualified than Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc for the handling of all issues related to vehicle exhaust systems. A number of signs indicate the need for an inspection of the exhaust system. Be on the lookout for the following:

• Loud Rumble – Most drivers would consider a muffler problem to be the cause of a loud rumbling sound. While the muffler may be the culprit, excessive noise may also come from cracks in pipes, manifolds or gaskets.

• Loud Thumping – This occurs when the vehicle is sitting in traffic or idling when parked and sounds like a box full of shaking rocks. This is usually an indication of a bad catalytic converter.

• Drowsiness While Driving – Any tendency to doze off at the wheel—provided you have been getting enough sleep at night—is serious cause for concern. Your exhaust system could be leaking dangerous gasses into the passenger compartment.

• Decreased Fuel Efficiency – A faulty exhaust system puts stress on your vehicle’s engine, making it work harder.

Vehicle exhaust systems are critical to safe operation and you should not take any related problems lightly. A competent professional should handle proper emission testing and diagnosis of the source of leaks. We stand behind our work with a two-year warranty on exhaust parts. Trust Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc for expert exhaust system service.

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