Catalytic Converters

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Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters | Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc - Asheville, NC

Catalytic converters are an integral part of the overall exhaust system. They usually do not fail independent of some related cause elsewhere in the vehicle. An unresolved problem elsewhere in the exhaust system is often the root cause of failure for catalytic converters.

Effective diagnosis and resolution of catalytic converter problems requires a thorough understanding of vehicle exhaust systems. With over nineteen years’ experience servicing not only catalytic converters but also overall exhaust systems, Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc is uniquely qualified.

The catalytic converter plays the role of filter in the vehicle exhaust system. Its function is to convert harmful byproducts of gasoline combustion—hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide—into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. Since its role is to perform a series of complex chemical processes, it makes some sense that a rotten egg smell is often an indication of a catalytic converter gone awry.

Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc has all the expertise and experience necessary for handling issues with catalytic converters. We are able to analyze the situation and determine whether your car needs converter replacement or maintenance. If replacement is called for, we install one that is vehicle-compatible and ensure that it maintains acceptable emission levels.

In the Asheville, NC area, there is no one better qualified to service catalytic converters than Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc. Give us a call!

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