Brake Repairs

We keep the two biggest safety systems in your vehicle working: the brakes and the exhaust system.

Brake Repairs

Brake Repairs | Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc - Asheville, NC

Getting your car going is important, but once it is moving, the most important thing for a driver is having the ability to get it to stop. Brakes are a critical safety system on your vehicle, though routinely neglected until they are on the verge of failure. A vehicle with faulty brakes puts not only the driver at risk but also everyone else in the vehicle’s path.

Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc is unsurpassed in the Asheville, NCarea as an expert in brake repairs. Our expert technicians can thoroughly inspect your brake system and diagnose the need for any brake repairs. Several signs indicate you need to have your brakes inspected. These include:

• High-pitched Squeal – If you hear this sound just as you come to a stop, it is a sure sign that your brake pads have wear. Brake pads are manufactured with an indicator strip that makes contact with the rotor once the pads a worn to about a quarter-inch thickness.

• Grinding Sound– When this occurs as you apply the brake, it probably indicates that the brake pad base is grinding against the rotor.

• Steering Wheel Vibration – If hitting the brakes causes your steering wheel to shake, it could mean a misalignment between the brake pad and rotor. It may also indicate a more serious problem—a warped rotor.

• Excessive Pedal Travel– This means your foot hits the floor, or nearly does, as you apply the brakes. When this happens, you need an immediate brake inspection.

• Metallic Odor – If you notice a strong smell of metal when the brakes are applied, you should drive straight to a brake repair shop.

• Pulling to the Side – If you feel the car pull to one side or the other when applying the brakes, it could indicate a number of brake system issues, none of which are good.

Affordable Mufflers & Brakes Inc is your one-stop shop for brake system inspections and brake repairs. Let us make sure you can stop when you need to!

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